Seven wonderful podcasts

Is it just me, or were podcasts popular in roughly 2010, and then they disappeared, and now loads of sassy women have pretty much taken over the internet and brought them back to the forefront of everyone's minds? It almost seems as though podcasting is a natural progression from pretty much anything. If you are a journalist, a scientist, a historian, or actually anyone who enjoys talking and has something relatively interesting to say, you can make a podcast. You know what? I'd love to try my hand at it. I'd love to have a go at taking my love for articulation to a different medium but I also hate the sound of my own voice so I'm not sure I could hack it. I'll leave it to these guys, for the time being: 

Okay, we all know that I'm a bit of a science geek. I just love it - I love learning about it and I love when it's explained in a way which doesn't assume that I'm stupid, but also doesn't go waaaaaay over my head. Obviously this would only actually be good if you care about Science. I also HIGHLY recommend it if you are applying to university and are likely to be interviewed, if you need something to make you stand out, this would give you something wonderfully current to talk about and impress some people, even if you only listen to one episode. 

  • TED Talks 

If you don't know what TED talks are yet, they are branded as 'Ideas Worth Sharing' and surprisingly, I couldn't have put it better myself. They are created as videos, but the video footage often isn't fundamental to the content, so you can download the audio version if you want to keep your phone battery for as long as possible. You can listen to the most popular, of which I've enjoyed every single one that I've listened to so far, or you can download a specific genre or topic. They are usually around 20 minutes long which means most people can probably get a couple of episodes in on their commute. They are eye opening as much as they are inspiring, but they are notably different from the usually motivational 'how to be more productive' speech or essay. 

Absolutely not about economics. 'The podcast that explores the hidden side of everything'. Sure, there are some episodes about money etc, but also there was a really great episode on sleep recently, which was super interesting! 

I. Do. Not. Understand. Politics. I just don't. It annoys me, because I don't like to not understand things, especially not important things. I know what I fundamentally think about life/work/the NHS/education, but I don't know that anyone in politics actually agrees with me. Maybe I should run the country. Or maybe not. 

Anyway, this is brilliant because again, it explains in relatively simple terms but without assuming that I'm actually stupid which is what I get from most people I know who are at university if I dare to ask a question. It's like keeping up with the news, but in slightly more length, which is brilliant because they actually seem to get to the bottom of some issues. 

  • The Guardian's Audio Long Reads 

I enjoy prose. I enjoy essays. I don't really enjoy books, but I enjoy a 4 page essay with a beginning middle and end. I enjoy it even more if I don't have to put any effort into reading it. That's basically what this is. A concept, not a preach, not an interview, presented in an easy to understand, interesting, and in depth form. 

I'm listening to the fourth episode of this right now, and the wonderful thing about this podcast is that we are only four episodes in, so you can catch up really easily! (Well, we were when I wrote this, I'm not sure when she releases the new podcasts... so if there are five now, I'm sorry!) I have loved every episode so far, my favourite probably being the interview with Zoella, which is funny because I'm not a super huge Zoella fan, at all. I mean I like her, but I don't watch her videos religiously or anything. Emma Gannon seems to be able to talk to people about REALLY important things, true to this blog post , without being cringey... so hats off to her. There's a definite running feminist/social media theme, but without being shouty-feministy, annoying and lacking in anything else, which I have found some podcasts to be. It's easy to listen to, she interviews a pretty wide range of women, and she doesn't ask them all the same questions. Winner. 

  • The Mind Palace

I really like Jessica and Melissa's overall ethos for their life. There are several things which make me thing 'mmmmmm not sure if you've checked your science' or 'is that really necessary', and there are inevitably always things about energies and spirituality which I don't agree with in podcasts like this, but I still get a huge amount out of their podcast. They are two girls in two very different parts of the world exploring how to live a 'well curated life', and they inspire me to make tiny changes in my life which I do really believe can make a difference. 

On my 'to listen next' list, are Sofie Hagen's Made Of Human podcast, and Today Tix's 'Broadway Backstory'. 

Are there any others that you love and would recommend? Have you listened to any of these?