An open 'Thank You' to Walsall Community Church

Transform was a highlight... 

Transform was a highlight... 

So this probably seems a bit weird and super cheesy but it's been on my heart for a while that I haven't thanked this particular (and huge) group of people anywhere near as much as I want to. The point at which I actually decided to become a christian is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, I wouldn't have done it had it not been for this wonderful bunch. Ok ok so I might have and God can do anything etc etc, but this was pretty important. 

So, thank you, you wonderful WCC lot. 

Thank you for expecting nothing from me, and absolutely everything from Jesus. 

Thank you for expecting that I was going to change and grow as a person, and for knowing that that wouldn't be a smooth road. 

Thank you for, generally, being a place where expectation was high; demonstrated perfectly by sending such an integral part of your (our) church to coalpool and knowing that those empty seats will be refilled. I was hardly surprised when I found out WCC had outgrown bluecoat school and had to relocate! 

Thank you for being so open about your own struggles and imperfections - it made feeling like the absolute worst christian in the world, a whole lot easier, because I knew that not a single person in that building was perfect. 

Thank you for making the gospel as clear as it ever could have been, week in, week out. 

Thank you for letting me hold your very recently born babies even though you didn't really know me from Adam... That definitely made me feel like you actually wanted me there. Which is always pretty nice. 

Thank you for being the first group of people who I trusted implicitly with my whole heart - it taught me to see the good in people before anything else, which I will be grateful for forever. 

Thank you for laughing with me, crying with me, praying with me, and not ever letting anyone do life on their own. 

Thank you for considering me to be 'Emma', when I only really considered myself to be 'a friend of Lucy's'. 

And most importantly, thank you for not only welcoming, but encouraging me into your family. For picking me up for church to get that extra ten minutes sleep in, for taking me to the top of the beacon to sing Amazing Grace because what else would you do on a Sunday morning, and for every other practical way in which you all facilitated me deepening my faith. Wow, that was a wordy sentence even for me. 

Basically, you're all wonderful, and there is no way I would be where I am now without that, be it brief, encounter with such a fab group of people.