How to use Zeek to save money on all of your shopping.

I don't know about anyone else, but saving money is something that I am absolutely getting on as SOON as I have any to save. Which, for the record, I currently do not. Student life, eh. Anyway, 'don't even enter that overdraft because you'll never get out' is probably a blog post for another day.

To that end - I ran a poll on twitter a little while ago, my aim being to find out whether people generally knew what Zeek was. Crickets. Nothing. A couple had heard of it, but no one knew what it did or how it worked. 

This isn't a sponsored post, I just happen to think that this is super thrifty, and it helps other people out, and it's basically a win win for everyone involved, which is always what I'm aiming for. 

Zeek is an app where people sell their unwanted Gift Vouchers. We've all been there, someone who doesn't know you buys you a gift out of obligation for a store that you're never going to shop in. Awkward, unless you can sell it to your mum for face value. In the absence of that dreamy situation though, Zeek has got your back. 

I don't know an awful lot about how the selling side works on Zeek, and obviously they're a business so they're taking a cut of whatever you pay, but that's kind of for the other party to figure out. I'm going to TRY to break it down really simply because every time I try to explain this in person to someone, they have no idea what I'm on about. 

Think eBay. People listing their items, for a price that they've chosen, and other people buying those items. Simple enough concept. The difference being that rather than the plethora of items on eBay, Zeek only sells gift vouchers.  Sometimes they're for use online, sometimes they're codes for use online or in store, and sometimes they're the physical vouchers which will be posted out to you. There are perks to all of those. 

These are my tried and tested situations, in which Zeek is most useful/thrifty: 

  • If you use Apple Music. Apple Music is basically the apple version of spotify, for anyone who's been living under a rock. It will charge your debit/credit card linked to your apple ID, unless you've got store credit. So if you buy iTunes vouchers on Zeek at 10% off a time, and make sure it's always relatively topped up, you're saving ££££ every month, which you would have been paying anyway. It's like buying £15 for £13.50. Genius. 
  • If you're in Starbucks/Costa/Nero/another coffee shop which sells vouchers. It's risk free, because you're unlikely to take your coffee back. If you're going to spend money in there anyway, you might as well pay less for it. I frequently buy £10 Starbucks vouchers for £9 on Zeek while in the queue, upload it to my Starbucks account, and pay with the app. Saved 10% without lifting many fingers at all. 
  • If you're in a restaurant. It's always worth checking that you can use a gift voucher at the start of the meal, but it's so easy to do, that there's really no reason not to, if you find yourself in Belgo, Pizza Express, Nandos, Cafe Rouge, Jamies Italian, to name but a few. 
  • If you KNOW that you're going to keep what you're buying, or if you love the shop anyway. If I was about to buy something from H&M that I hadn't tried on, I would definitely be buying a voucher for 10% off from Zeek, because even if I return that item, I'll be back in H&M soon enough anyway. I probably wouldn't do the same in Topshop though, as I don't shop there that often, and you're not saving money if you're wasting a voucher. Also it's great in the sales, because as far as the shop are concerned, you're just presenting them with a gift voucher, so you can save even more money on sale items! 
  • If you're buying a present that can't possibly be wrong. I bought my mum some perfume from Debenhams for Christmas, and I knew it was right. I knew it was what she wore and I knew she would love it, so while I was in the queue I popped onto Zeek and purchased a £25 voucher for £23. I also bought her some clothes, also from Debenhams, which I was 90% sure would be right. I still purchased a voucher. Why? Because if it didn't fit or she didn't like the style, she could just change the size or the item, no issue with the value of the gift card. When I got to the till, I just said 'I haven't got the physical gift card but I've got the numbers you need' - which is all the shop needs to be able to put the gift card through.
  • If you're a new Zeek user because then you can get £5 FREE. Which is basically free money, by using the code 2Y9EIGUZ, and popping it in the 'promo codes' tab shown below. 


Obviously if you buy something with a gift voucher, you can't get cash back, only the money put back on a refund card/gift voucher if you want to return it, which is something to just keep in mind before you go click crazy. 

Right now, Forever 21, Cafe Rouge, Fortnum and Mason, Champneys, Foyles, Optical Express and Belgo have over 10% off, Optical Express have 30%! 

Let me know if there's anything that isn't clear, or anything that you'd like me to explain further, and enjoy saving! 

Don't forget to use the code 2Y9EIGUZ to get £5 free, treat yourself to something lovely, let me know what you go for! 

Do you have any other thrifty tips? Let me know those too!