My favourite places to buy cards

So I'm writing this while at work, oops. I mean it's allowed, but still oops.

I'm also writing this having not written the last two cards that I should have, so maybe I should stop with this whole blog thing and just try to get normal adult life right first.

Maybe not.

It's no secret that I'm an absolute card lover/hoarder. I may or may not have a little(big) folder of them just waiting to be sent to people, which I bought because I just could not leave them in the shop. Anyway, these are my favourite places to purchase:


Foyles is generally a bit of a dreamland if you like books or stationary or anything that's been printed ever. The one on Charing Cross Road can feel a bit clinical book wise, but the cards there are all fantastic. They also sell some cute stationary which I've not found in any of the other places listed!  


An obvious, but solid choice. Paperchase are actually stocking increasingly lovely cards since I stopped working there, which is considerate of them. I sometimes object because there are so many wonderful smaller online stores and freestanding brands selling their own cards, but if I really have no option, it's a good bet. 

Nouvelle Daily

I found this through the blog and although some of its other products are a little pricey, I love all of the cards. It's one of my favourite online shops, and I'll most likely be looking there for anything I can't find more locally as soon as my (extensive) card supply is dwindling. 

Snap Store

If you live in east London, pay these guys a visit. They are honestly a wonderful little store with so many Gemma Correll beauties, it makes me heart do a little happy dance because someone in the world is making cards which people relate to. Go and look at ALL of the Gemma Correll cards if you're not already ridiculously familiar with them. Also, their staff are the best. 

Ohh Deer

THEY ARE ALWAYS THREE FOR TWO. Which admittedly is probably a bit of a ploy, but still, their cards don't start off any more expensive than anywhere else. Plus, being a brand of their own, you'll find gorgeous cards here which will be hard to come by anywhere else.