3 things which make me close your blog immediately

I don't like writing super negative blog posts, but I do feel like sometimes things need saying - I often stop reading blogs and even just unfollow all together because I just get so fed up, but I rarely say that to anyone in person because that just seems too harsh. I feel as though this should be helpful more than anything though; I know I'd want to know if people couldn't get through one blog post without just being annoyed or uninterested. So, this is what makes me close a window because I'm just not prepared to waste any more time: 

  • If the topic has been done 100 times before. Even if you've called it something else - something which seems new and interesting when it's promoted on social media. If it becomes clear that you're just regurgitating the same things other people have, I will give up pretty quickly. Of course, take inspiration from other bloggers, and my point here isn't about outright copying - it's just about the fact that there are entire blogs which I can't tell the difference between because they're putting out the same kinds of content day in, day out. 
  • If you're moaning about something that doesn't need moaning about, unless you're completely aware of this and kind of mocking yourself. I see this so so frequently online. Things can be pretty awful for young women, which I think is most of the blogger demographic, and in some cases people who are not mainstream media do need to say something, but also, we can just chill out. There are definite benefits of being a young woman in 2016. There are definite benefits of being anyone in 2016. There are still things which exist which are a bit of fun which we absolutely do not need to be offended by. 
  • If your writing isn't good. It doesn't have to be excellent. I'm not expecting you to swallow a dictionary here - I certainly don't have the best vocabulary in the world. There are bloggers who I look up to like Meg Fee and Laura Jane Williams (I don't like everything she says I just love every word she uses) and I am so in awe of them because they use good english. Sure, they've got interesting things to say as well, and those things should come hand in hand, but it seems that so often people are getting away with writing something without even proof reading it. 

Don't get me wrong, I really think that one of the most WONDERFUL things about blogging is how different everyone is in their creativity, these are just the things that frustrate me, especially when I see bloggers who are being picked up by brands left right and centre but can't use the right 'you're/your'. Drives me mad. 

What do you think about these? Do you think I'm being too harsh? I'd love to know what really puts other people off posts or bloggers!