Coconut Lane Stationery

You know, I never thought I'd be a blogger who had blogger privileges, either. But here we are. We all love stationary, if we're honest with ourselves. 

I've become quite a fan of shopping with smaller, preferably independent businesses. Don't get me wrong, you'll still find me in Paperchase sometimes and I still love H&M, but I've been trying to be a little bit more supportive of all of the people trying to support themselves in their own businesses. I think having a parent who started their own business, makes you appreciate just how hard people work to do that and how big the difference is when people choose small business over large business. It's completely different for my mum because she works in the health profession so she's not selling on etsy or anything like that, but the principles are similar. Anyway, enough about Emma's family, more about this particular small-ish business.


Coconut Lane sell the most gorgeous stationery, wall prints, jewellery, technology accessories and even some clothing. I'm currently waiting for my third order from these guys, because their stuff is just SO good for christmas presents. I've ordered from there for my own beautiful notebooks to make revision that little bit easier, for wall prints for my closest friends, and jewellery for family friends who don't seem to need anything. 

Their Build Your Own Sass Box is my current favourite, I think it's intended to be a build-your-own-gift, whether that be to treat yourself or someone else, but I just used it as a really savvy way to buy a combination of gifts for a cracking price. Honestly though, there isn't anything on this site which I'd consider to be expensive at all, and yet it's all amazing quality. 

You can also get 20% off with my code, emmalouisebetty20, making it even more reasonable than its already reasonable price - I want to avoid the word cheap because this is NOT cheap and nasty stuff, it's just good quality. If you're eco-conscious, this might be of interest to you - I checked with them before I started this collaboration, and their stuff is responsibly sourced, as far as I can tell. 

I'm not using the phone case which I chose in the Sass Box, but I never really intended to. I am an absolute liability with my iPhone so I need a significantly more substantial case than this one, but if you can manage not to throw your phone onto marble floors, you should definitely go for the aesthetic factor. 

Let me know if you have any questions about these products, or if you use my code! 


This is semi-sponsored, I guess. I paid for everything, at coconut queen rate, and I'll earn a tiny bit if you use my code emmalouisebetty20