5 ways to make your commute less soul destroying

Yes, I'm writing a post about commuting because it's the new year and Christmas is almost officially over and now we all need a way to make us hate the world less. Positivity guys, positivity. 

I think the fact that the London commute is so unbelievably rubbish has a lot to do with our mindsets. I mean this is me so obviously I think that, but hear me out. Imagine if we didn't feel like our journey was the most important? Imagine if we opened our minds to all of the other people who are travelling with us. 

My best friend recently had someone push her out of the way so that they could get on the tube first. She stood on the platform and said to the lady who had pushed her, 'you know, I could really have done with getting on that tube'. Obviously, the lady didn't have an answer, because communication in London isn't the done thing, let alone confrontation on public transport in London. 

Obviously, sometimes journeys are particularly important. We never really know why someone is in such a rush to get on the tube, they might be on the way to a hospital to see a loved one, or in a job where there is a very real risk of them losing it if they are not there on time. As awful as those situations are, I can only assume that they are not the norm. Usually, it really is just people who think that their own journey and their own appointment or their own job is definitely more important than anyone else's could possibly be, and there really does come a time where I'm going to miss my lecture if I don't get on the next tube, but I find that I arrive a lot less stressed and have a much better 45 minutes, if I go about my journey with the opinion that it's pretty much all going to be fine. 

So, occupy yourself: 

  • A Mindless Game. I play 2048 ALL THE TIME and one time I got 4096 which was brilliant. Well done me. I mean I realise that's not really achieving anything, but it makes my journey go SUPER fast. 
  • Podcasts. I wrote a list of my favourites, but this is the thing that makes me feel the most productive. Passive learning, what a dream. 
  • NETFLIX NOW LETS YOU DOWNLOAD THINGS. This doesn't need any explanation, right? 
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones. They're not cheap, but I am telling you, you can hear the start of this song while you're on the central line, and that's the best explanation I've got. 
  • The final, and most cheesy option? A smile, and the assumption that everyone else is on the way to a job which they will lose if they are more than 4 seconds late.  

What are your top commuting tips? What makes you hate it less? 

(Image - http://www.401kcalculator.org/)