Things we all need to think about, post #EUref

  • People died for the privilege to vote. Especially for the privilege for anyone other than upper class men, to vote. So if you are not an upper class man, and you did not vote, please do not complain. 
  • For as long as Twitter/Facebook, and particularly the 20 something population of twitter, calls people who vote differently to them every name under the sun and goes out of their way to invoke guilt, we will NEVER reach the people who we are trying to reach, and we will always end up with a warped idea of how people are likely to vote. 
  • If people are people are people, then those who voted differently to you, with good reason or not, are STILL people. They do not deserve to be portrayed as evil or called names on social media. 
  • If it wouldn't be ok to say it to a woman, it's not ok to say it to a man, whether they're upper class, a member of parliament and educated by Oxbridge or not. 
  • We cannot fight hate with hate. 
  • This election was not an election for the past, and yet too many elderly people saw it that way.
  • Not every Conservative voter voted to leave. 
  • Not every Labour voter voted to remain. 
  • If you shop in high street stores where they get their clothes made in sweatshops and you can't verify that they pay their workers a fair wage and make sure that their working conditions are right, then you do not live by your proclaimed standard that all people are equal and deserve the same as those who live and work in the UK. I cannot stress this enough - we often do NOT assume that all people are equal unless it makes us look good to others/on the internet. Too many people are too happy to post a 'Primark haul' on youtube, and then tell us that those who don't think that we should let everyone who is fleeing a country which does not uphold democracy, reside in Britain. 
  • If you act to perpetuate consumerism, you add to this problem and do not live by your proclaimed standard that all people are equal and deserve the same as those who live and work in the UK. 
  • We MUST choose to move forwards. We cannot stop and decide that we are going to despair at our country. There are still 48% of us who voted for unity. There is still humour in the world; for all its faults, the internet has proven that this morning. 
  • None of us are rational on too little sleep, which is a situation that most of us probably find ourselves in. 
  • Spending time angry and posting horrified political Facebook statuses is wasting time which you COULD spend doing proactive things to help those who are more in need of it than we are. On that note, enough from me. 

That is all.