How to survive freshers week, from someone who has done it twice

Freshers week is upon us, and as someone who has done this once before, I feel like I should let you all know what you're letting yourself in for. 

I don't mean to come over all know-it-all, so forgive me if I do, I just really really really wouldn't want anyone to make the mistakes I made the first time round. It's always better to learn from other people's mistakes rather than having to make them yourself, right? 

  • Make sure you've done everything you need to before you arrive. Bank account, NUS card, halls allocations, all those kinds of things; it'll mean that freshers week is far more fun. 
  • Arrive as soon as you can (whenever you're allowed to), you don't want to miss out on valuable time in your halls if you don't have to. 
  • If you're going to go out every night, buy a freshers pass. It is cheaper. 
  • EVEN IF YOU CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING WORSE, go chat to the people you're living with. It will pay off, I promise. 
  • Unpack ASAP, it's a huge drain on energy or time otherwise. 
  • Eat well in freshers week, or you will get freshers flu. Basically just become nocturnal. 
  • Go to the lectures that you're supposed to go to or you'll feel all out of the loop and confused and it will all go downhill from there. 
  • Keep a really, really, really open mind. There WILL be people who you don't think are 'your kind of people', but you might turn out to be the best of friends. 
  • Don't be afraid to 'not be the clubbing type', there are other people out there like you who will want to meet people in a situation other than over a sambuca shot. 
  • If you can, use facebook etc to meet up with people on your course, maybe pre drink or go out with them for dinner during freshers week. You NEED them as allies, you'll have to do work with them, presentations with them, and if you miss something you'll need them to help you out, so make sure you get on their side. 
  • Don't buy loads of random items that you think you need, until you've started uni. You probably don't need 25789 notebooks, 2508 pens and 4580 other stationary items, or every piece of university merchandise. 
  • Don't feel like you have to carry on after freshers week as you started off. You don't, and it's unsustainable.