Joy in the ordinary

The other day I announced to my mom that 'life is actually really amazing'. She was horrified that it had taken me almost 20 years to work this out, but she listened anyway. This is what I told her:

I was thinking about how life could potentially be really sad if you let it. You go to nursery, then primary school, secondary school, sixth form, maybe a gap year, then university. You go through rainbows and brownies and guides and then you leave. You dance and then you realise you have to concentrate on your A levels so you leave the dance school. You get two part time jobs at the same time as well as a volunteering position and then you move from the city you've lived in forever so you have to leave those jobs as well. You think something is certain for a little while and feel like this time, it probably is worth investing in those friendships. 

It's no secret that I get quite attached to people. If someone is a good egg - there is no way I am missing out on getting their goodness in my life. And unsurprisingly I actually want to know everyone's biggest life problems and be able to help pick them up when they inevitably fall. In light of that, I don't like leaving people behind. I realised that as wonderful as social media and unlimited texts are, I can't keep in contact with everyone I've ever met while forming beautiful relationships with new people. The long and short of it is I want to fix the world and to do that I have to know everyone in it. 

This is not a sad post, I promise. My point is that basically, every time you change situation, you have a choice to make about who you keep with you and who you leave behind. Call me brutal, but you don't actually have to keep that girl who was lovely to your face and vile behind your back if she makes you feel awful. But we are so lucky now that the people who love you, value your opinion, whose opinions you value and who you want in your life, can stay. I have friends from each school I went to, from jobs, and from university who I'm so happy that I met, and who I'm really lucky that I've been able to keep in contact with. Life is a beautiful thing because we get to find people who encourage us, who challenge us (in a good way) and who want us in their life as much as we want them in ours, and just do life with them.