Life is success driven, and London is full of it

In a moment of ALL THE GENIUS IDEAS COMING TO ME AT ONCE, I realised why London can be depressing as hell, without even touching the ‘nobody talks and everyone is in a rush’ cliches. (Both of those are true, they’re just beside my point). 

Basically, everyone is really flipping good at what they do. So it's an exhausting place to be. It's exhausting because rush hour is hell and because everyone thinks that their journey is more important than yours, and because all methods of transport get cancelled and because there isn't ever really a quiet piece of greenery, but it's also exhausting because you know all of those people who get on the waterloo and city line to go to Bank? They're all earning the most money that there is to be made in banking. And well, that defines 'success', in most people's eyes. 

It's not just bankers. We have 5 Russell Group universities, the most successful drama, dance, and fashion schools in the country, internships coming out of our metaphorical ears, and that isn't even half of it. If you get on the tube at lunch time, it's not just full of students because they're the only ones free at lunch time; you are inevitably sat with people who are flitting between meetings, sending emails, sorting emails, going to a workshop or a class or a lesson or an exam or something that is about to further them in their career. Everyone, pretty much, is at the top of their game, or at least at the top of their motivation levels, intended to launch them to the top of their game. How do I know? Because people only move here to improve. No one moves here for an easy life. People move here because of the facilities and the opportunities available to them, creatives stay because if they're going to make it, they feel that this is where they need to be. Those who are academic move here if they want to climb to the top of their game and earn the most money. 

No one moves here for an easy life, and no one stays if they find themselves desiring one. 

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change it for the world, but every street and mode of transport being consistently saturated with people who have that in common, gives a strange but draining air. 

How do you feel about London? Do you/Could you live here?