Coffee: Look Mum, No Hands!


My mum loves food and she loves bikes and she loves London and she makes significant allowances for how much one should pay for brunch when she’s with me. That’s basically all you need to know. 

Look Mum, No Hands! is somewhere I have heard about and seen reviewed a lot of times on the internet, mentioned on twitter, and which looked really fun in the London Coffee Guide. I didn’t really have a good reason to go on my own, and I knew that my mum (who didn’t learn to ride a bike until she was in her 30s and has proceeded to become slightly obsessed with the whole idea, in a great way) would love it, so I waited for her to come and visit me before I went and explored it. 


I love breakfast. I love brunch even more than I love breakfast. My absolute favourite thing, is having brunch for lunch, because then you basically get breakfast twice in a day. So that’s exactly what we did.  

I also love smoked salmon and scrambled egg almost as much as I love Momma B, so that was lovely. I'm really sad that I don't have a picture of her eating her full english because she just looked so proud of herself! 

The thing about Look Mum No Hands is that no matter how much any other cafe tries to make themselves different from every other quirky hipster cafe in the vicinity, they're not going to match this place until they hang bike wheels from the ceiling. 

I love how functional it is, it's really a cafe designed for cyclists to pop in, get their bike fixed, perhaps buy a new seat/bell/top/any of the above, and have a nutritious breakfast. 

Overall, it's a really lovely down to earth place to be, even if you're not a cyclist. the food is really wonderful and although it's a little bit pricey, it's definitely worth it as a nutritious treat! 


I've heard the banana bread is good too. Not that I'd know, obviously.