5 Podcasts to be a Better Adult

I have a not-so-new-found love for Podcasts. I used to be pretty much unable to go anywhere without having music on, and now I honestly listen to podcasts more often. I just get them on the normal podcasts app on iPhone, which is perfect. I listen to so many different genres and love them all, but here are my favourite educate-yourself-for-adult-life podcasts: 

  1. Consumer Team with Martin Lewis.

    I am Martin Lewis' self proclaimed biggest fan. He is straight forward, straight talking, and seems like generally a nice guy. He covers timely topics and has a laugh with it. 
  2. Millennial Money Matters

    If you want to up your money-stocks-shares knowledge, this is a wonderful podcast. They buzz anyone who uses any sort of complicated word or abbreviation so you don't have to feel silly if you don't understand something, which I love. 
  3. Politics Weekly

    I. Do. Not. Understand. Politics. I just don't. It annoys me, because I don't like to not understand things, especially not important things. I know what I fundamentally think about life/work/the NHS/education, but I don't know that anyone in politics actually agrees with me. Maybe I should run the country. Or maybe not. Anyway, this is brilliant because again, it explains in relatively simple terms but without assuming that I'm actually stupid which is what I get from most people I know who are at university if I dare to ask a question. It's like keeping up with the news, but in slightly more length, which is brilliant because they actually seem to get to the bottom of some issues. 
  4. The Guardian's Audio Long Reads

    I enjoy prose. I enjoy essays. I don't really enjoy books, but I enjoy a 4 page essay with a beginning middle and end. I enjoy it even more if I don't have to put any effort into reading it. That's basically what this is. A concept, not a preach, not an interview, presented in an easy to understand, interesting, and in depth form. Like any newspaper, it has a political bias, and it's quite obvious from the titles which episodes will be more politically heavy handed and which will hardly touch on it, but it's definitely well worth a listen. 
  5. Science Weekly

    Okay, we all know that I'm a bit of a science geek. I just love it - I love learning about it and I love when it's explained in a way which doesn't assume that I'm stupid, but also doesn't go waaaaaay over my head. Obviously this would only actually be good if you care about Science. I also HIGHLY recommend it if you are applying to university and are likely to be interviewed, if you need something to make you stand out, this would give you something wonderfully current to talk about and impress some people, even if you only listen to one episode.