5 Podcasts you need if you want to grow your social media following

There are a million resources online telling you how to grow your social media following - and, contrary to popular internet belief, it's not only bloggers who need or want to grow their social media following. 

If you're like me though, you can't be bothered to go through all of those posts and read what you should be doing, you can just passively take in all of that info while you're walking to the shop, on the bus, or actually anywhere. That's pretty much my favourite thing about podcasts - the fact that they enable me to engage my brain while doing mindless tasks like travelling or cleaning. 

All of these are easy to navigate - their titles tell you exactly what's included in them so no click-baiting involved - you can go back and download exactly what you think will be useful. 

  1. The Science of Social Media - Buffer.

    This is hands down my favourite. It's simple, it's not too pushy on the buffer front, and the episodes are usually pretty short and easy to digest. It's also the least 'brand' focussed, so the least alienating, I find. 
  2. Soulful PR Podcast - Janet Murray. 

    Listening to the Soulful PR Podcast is absolutely punching above my weight - but the concepts are definitely transferable to any small business or blog, or anyone looking to grow their brand online. She interviews the best in the business and also knows what she does well and what she could do better which is really refreshing. 
  3. The Blog Millionaire

    Essentially focussed on making more money from a blog - but a lot of that comes down to social media anyway. This is probably a less consistently useful one for me, but when there's a gem there's a real gem. 
  4. Manly Pinterest Tips - Jeff Sieh

    It's not all about Pinterest, at all. Go back, decide which episodes are going to be most useful for you, download and binge. It doesn't take itself too seriously and it isn't too brutal, which I really love. 
  5. Hashtag Authentic - Sarah Tasker

    Part social media genius, part life guru. Hashtag Authentic is probably the most calm of them all, so it's nice if you don't really want to be stressed out or bombarded with information but want a trickle of inspiration and to be told you're doing okay! 

What are your favourite podcasts?