6 Things To Do Before The Year Is Out

Or, the most productive methods of procrastination. Ok so I’m not saying procrastination is a good thing, like, ever. It just happens. We all know that it happens, and sometimes there's good reason for it - you just can not take any more information in, or you need to properly psyche yourself up to actually do that thing you've been dreading.

I'm not so much advocating procrastination here, as actually suggesting that you should just do these things anyway - make good use of your time. I used to be absolutely awful at this and have really seen the benefit in making good use of 'procrastination time', so to speak, so I hope that this is at least a little bit useful. 

  1. Clean your makeup brushes. Do it anyway, but it's a pretty therapeutic way of dealing with 'I DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING THAT I SHOULD BE DOING.' Baby shampoo works a treat, and I always use Antibacterial Soap (just whatever is currently on my sink) for foundation brushes too, to prevent me smearing those germs all over my face. 
  2. Read a good book. Or a bad book, but read. Preferably a ‘this will make you think about life and make you feel better’ kind of book. Go for Reasons To Stay Alive, or How To Be A Woman, or some kind of CS Lewis magic if you want to read about God and His opinion. 
  3. Create a budget. It took me until half way through second year to do this which was really silly and got me in a mess more than once, it is SO worth it and so rewarding when you actually manage to do it properly. Don't worry about it being super accurate, although be realistic. The main thing is that you start to identify what you spend money on. 
  4. Have a social media clear out. Like, unfriend or hide all of those Facebook friends who you haven’t seen since primary school. Don't get distracted. Don't end up on their profiles. If you don't already know what they're doing with their lives, you don't need to be friends with them on Facebook. 
  5. COOK! Cook everything. Cook and freeze. It makes me feel like the most efficient person ever to have existed. And it's actually useful, and will actually save you time in the long run, so you don't ever need to feel guilty about it. 
  6. Make a bag to take to the charity shop. Then pat yourself on the back for doing something good for the world. Seriously, if you haven't read that book for the last three years, or worn that top at all the last time it was in season, you probably aren't ever going to. Someone else might need it.