8 Reasons Why It's Wonderful To Be In Your 20s Right Now

At 22 (read; anywhere between 18 and 30) it’s so, so easy for us to think that the world is against us. Of course, being this age is difficult and especially if you're either american or none-white, there are a LOT of things which seem incredibly uncertain, so I’d just like to inject some positivity back into all of your lives. There are some positives that we can look to, too! 

  • People are starting to take us seriously. We’re being treated as adults because for some reason, people seem to be realising that university or whatever anyone in their early 20s happens to be doing isn’t a bubble, and that you are actually a member of real society partaking in actual life. 
  • Paperchase exists. Nouvelle Daily exists. Ohh Deer exists. Coconut Lane exists. Tiger exists. some absolutely wonderful food exists. There are all of these beautiful little shops and restaurants which sell beautiful little things which exist entirely to make the space around you a little bit more cheerful. 
  • A lot of things can be solved by getting out into the fresh air. Go, now. Go. 
  • Student finance usually means that if you want to go to university, you can go to university. 
  • On top of that, it’s perfectly acceptable to go to university at whatever age you want to - to change your mind, for it to not all quite work out, or anything, really. Everyone has become increasingly more chilled about when you’re ‘supposed’ to do certain things in life; so basically, do what you want, and as long as you’re not sponging off the state, it’s all fine. 
  • Apple Music and Spotify are real things. Seriously, imagine if we had to actually go out to a shop and buy a song any time a new one came out? I mean, I know we’d cope, people coped, but music changes EVERYTHING and it’s such a treat that we’ve just got it at our fingertips. Don't miss the opportunity to discover and love as much of it as possible. 
  • You’re young enough to not know what you’re doing with your life, and old enough to know exactly what you’re doing with your life. So if you want to make life changing decisions, you go ahead, and if you don’t, that’s fine too. 
  • London exists. With jobs. I’m serious guys, there are jobs here, don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s too big or scary.
  • There are a lot of independent coffee shops. Ok so this probably isn’t exclusive to being 21 or thereabouts, but it is pretty wonderful that you can go and sit in a coffee shop and feel mighty sophisticated while simultaneously knowing that you’re helping to keep a little business (which probably pay their taxes) going… 

What else should we be enjoying about it?