6 Things I Learned From Dancing

Gosh, I haven’t danced for so so so so long. Even while I was dancing, I was spending my life with people who were dancers, and there’s a distinct difference between what it is to be a dancer and what it was to be me doing tap… even though I loved it a lot. You can often find me tap dancing around my kitchen and nothing makes me happier than a mid-musical unexpected tap routine. I wouldn’t ever consider myself ‘a dancer’, but I did learn some mighty important life lessons; 


  • Age is not the same as superiority, and you just can’t beat yourself up for that. 
  • People will always have favourites. It’s not a school thing, it’s just a life thing. And it's fine, because it's not even personal; it's so much more about the other person than you. 
  • Tap is fun because it sounds so much more complex than it usually is. It also requires minimal flexibility which is convenient when you’re the least bendy person ever
  • Practice will not make perfect but it will always help. The fact that it won’t make you perfect or change you overnight doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it; the most frustrating thing you could do is to not ensure that you are better at whatever it is this week than you were last week. 
  • There are industries in which, whatever the online feminism positive body image world says, will always have a huge focus on image, size, and aesthetic. There isn’t anything we can do about that, but you can't be in it and kick against it. Not that I was ever 'in it'; but the reason for that is because I wasn't prepared to do anything other than kick against it. 
  • There will always be someone better than you at everything and that’s okay. I guess this is something that you could learn from anything, but it’s probably the most important thing that I learned from dipping my toes in dance land.