6 reasons why I drag myself out of bed for Church

I think (know) that people think I’m mental getting out of bed on a Sunday morning to go to church, no matter what has gone the day before. Last week I peaked, 3 hours sleep didn’t stop me - it may have resulted in more worship music induced tears than usual, but it did not stop me.

I’m writing this on a day when I’m absolutely exhausted,  and would really just like a lie in. Sunday could be my lie in, but then I'd have to miss this... 


  1. I believe what the bible says. I actually think that what is taught at Church (let’s leave the weird cult churches out for the time being) is the truest truth that has ever existed, so whatever they say, and whether or not I like it, I know that it’s true. Who doesn’t want truth? 
  2. My friends are there. If learning about the creator of the universe isn’t enough for me (it often is intimidating and scary and doesn’t make me want to be there, if I’m honest), at least I know there’ll be friendly faces. I know I’m going to walk through that door and be greeted with smiles and hugs and people really, genuinely wanting to know who I am. And a distinct lack of small talk. 
  3. It feels like a family. Sounds super cliche I know, but even the people who aren’t my friends will welcome me as if they are. It’s the same kind of feeling as joining a society at university and knowing that you’re somewhere where everyone has a common interest, except more exciting than that. 
  4. I know it makes me 'feel better'. This alone isn’t a good reason to go to church, nor is it true of every week at church, there are days when it is challenging beyond belief. But, even at the times in my life when I’ve felt the worst ever, the days I’ve forced myself to be in the presence of God, friends, and new found family, have been considerably better than the days I haven’t. 
  5. Food. I won’t lie to you, the thought of being presented with tea and biscuits at 10.15 on a Sunday morning is a slight factor in making the 10 minute walk more bearable.  
  6. I know I can go as I am. Sometimes we get an idea in our heads that we have to be good people to go to church. It’s rubbish, there’s no such thing as a good person, we don’t need to sort our lives out before giving them to Jesus, He just wants us to be there. That’s literally all we can do. No judgement, no standards, nothing.