Why I'm not buying Christmas Cards this year

- and possibly, why you shouldn't either. 

Disclaimer - No, I did not buy the above christmas cards for a blog picture, I'm not QUITE that much of a hypocrite. I did, however, buy them last year - and I'll be sending the remaining ones to people who I know will really appreciate them, and people to whom I have something more to say than 'Happy Christmas'. Forgive me if I sound like I'm being a scrooge - don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas. It does make me quite sad though, that so much waste is produced at Christmas time, and this is just the aspect that I want to talk about today. 

I have loved cards for a long, long time. I used to buy them whenever I saw one I liked and still have some of the collection which was built from that; and it's served me really well. Something in my mindset has changed though.

For the last few years, my brothers have bought cards for my whole family on a very ad hoc basis. Originally, this was slightly upsetting Emma the loyal ex-Paperchase employee, but I managed to put that down to them just being teenage boys who couldn't be bothered. One day, my brother was about to go into Card Factory and he said 'It's just stupid, I'm just going to buy a card, write something that I could say in person, and then it's going to get thrown away in two weeks'. Eventually, I reached a point where I actually agreed with them. Shocking, I know. 

I'm not entirely sold, because I think that sending genuine heartfelt messages to your closest friends and family at a hopefully happy time of year is one of the most wonderful things we can do. I love random messages. I love expressing random thoughts. I love supporting small businesses. I love art and I love sending people colour and pattern and photography. I love random encouragement. What I do not love, is feeling like I have to bulk buy and churn out a card for everyone I know. I do not love spending money and knowing that those cards are going to be thrown away very soon, because there's nothing sentimental about a card which someone felt obliged to send. 

Not only is it a waste of paper, it's a waste of everyone's time if there's no meaning behind it. 

So for once in my life, perhaps my brothers were right. I learn from them every day but this is one of my favourite things I've learned from them recently. 

What do you think? Do you bulk-send christmas cards? Do you think it can cause family feuds? Let me know what your opinion is!